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About Nextel

Sprint Nextel Corporation is now the third-largest U.S. carrier after Cingular and Verizon Wireless, with around 40 million subscribers. Nextel / Sprint provide voice and date services to its client’s as well as Push to talk iDEN technology.
Service we provide.

IDI Provides a range of services to Nextel / Sprint. We are an approved vendor of Nextel. IDI supports Nextel with there analysis, development, deployment, production support and all other information technology needs.

Current Projects.

E-Production Support (EPS) 24 x 7 coverage necessary.


IDI uses Application Management tools such as Big Brother, Topaz, and SiteScope to monitor, administer and troubleshoot Nextel's Web applications. This includes monitoring existing infrastructure, processes, end-users and troubleshooting to provide early warning in the event of potential problems. Infinite Dimensions creates Topaz scripts to monitor the Web sites. We are able to fix problems before they can affect the network. Nextel's J2EE applications run on IBM WebSphere 5.0.1. IDI provides support in troubleshooting and administration of the IBM WebSphere Application Servers. We updated the enterprise security infrastructure to Site Minder version 5.5. This version has the capabilities of User Authentication and Single Sign On for all of the Nextel applications. IDI developed an internal document management Web site in MySQL and PHP for tracking production issues. We complete our workflow process using CRM tools including Amdocs Clarify and PeopleSoft CRM (Vantive) on customer help tickets to resolve the issues accordingly.


IDI monitors Nextel’s Web-based e-business applications for around-the-clock availability. This allows Nextel to keep a pulse on real-time application performance. Infinite Dimensions monitors Web site scenarios and performance to create a higher level of service. We ensure the consistency of functionality on the Web sites, gauge performance and provide strategic e-business direction to the business and operation units, which result in a net competitive advantage for Nextel.