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Success Stories P4 LLC
American Red Cross
Engagement Summary

P4, LLC wanted to build a web portal where Patients, Care Providers and Pharmaceutical companies would get detail information about Oncology. P4 chose LGS to build different components such as a web based Personal Health Record (PHR) system for Oncology patients and providers. The PHR is pulled and pushed via secure web services to patients and providers and is also compliant to current HIPAA standards.


Following information about patient is stored in the system:


  • Personal Information (Name, address, contact info, birth date, SSN, etc.)
  • Contacts information (doctors, hospitals, insurance, pharmacy, attorney, emergency, family members, etc.)
  • Medications (information about current prescribed medications, display drug info and drug interactions using external drug database (Cerner-Multum) interface)
  • Condition (information about current diseases the patient is suffering from)
  • Test (information about lab, imaging and procedural tests and the history)
  • History (information about hospitalization, surgery and/or other procedures)
  • Allergies (information about food, drug and environmental allergies)
  • Lifestyle (information about patient’s lifestyle)
  • Other information about Dental, Vision, Immunization and Family History.
  • Email and alerts to patient and doctors for different actions
  • Reports based on above data

Phase II

  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Message Center
  • Symptom tacking