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Health Care

The flagship product, IDMsys is a world class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modular solution for managing and streamlining all aspects of a hospital business including Patient Management, Clinical Services, Operation Room Management, Lab Services, Pharmacy Management, Insurance and Claims Management, Financial Accounting, Payroll and more.

IDMsys includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR or EHR) module, a key to modernizing healthcare system. The EMR module can be integrated to work with the existing IT infrastructure of a hospital.

IDMsys is a proven product with several years of production deployment history at large hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India and Kuwait. Its client list will soon include hospitals in Australia, Malaysia, South Africa and the United States.

The modular suite of software is database independent and is designed to service the needs of a hospital and its affiliated clinics, as well as individual doctors accessing it via web or VPN.

IDMsys Advantages

IDMsys has transformed the Health Information Systems (HIS) with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) architecture, widely adopted in current generation tools across all industries. ERP architecture promotes seamless integration of all information flowing through the enterprise, offering significant benefits to healthcare industry.

The modular design of IDMsys allows a hospital to add or reconfigure modules while preserving data integrity in one shared database that may be centralized or distributed. With IDMsys, hospitals have the opportunity to streamline their operations, eliminating redundant steps and manual error-prone interaction, while providing higher quality of patient care.

The IDMsys includes a comprehensive set of modules to cover all aspects of a hospital business, including:

  • Patient management and hospital administration
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR or EHR)
  • Enterprise Laboratory Information System (LIS) modules with clearly defined clinical pathways
  • Pharmacy management and point-of-sale
  • Billing and finance, including EDI for insurance claims management

The IDMsys is designed to be database independent. Currently it supports Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle® and Pervasive SQL™. Additional drivers can be added for future databases.

The IDMsys works on Microsoft® Windows® or Linux operating systems. It supports Client/Server interface or Web interface. Numerous device interfaces are available, such as PDA, cell phone and critical care devices.

The IDMsys is multilingual and multi-currency. It is compatible with the international standards, such as HL 7 and is HIPAA compliant.

IDMsys Value Proposition

  • First ERP based modular applications, providing end-to-end healthcare information system.
  • Any module can be integrated with the existing IT infrastructure at a healthcare enterprise.
  • Customer support and consulting services to tailor the software for unique requirements of an organization.
  • Affordable cost to meet the budgets of small and large organizations.